Far Eastern Question: Emergence of Modern Japanese State

Preface In the 15th century Vasco-da-Gama discovered direct sea route to India. After this Europeans started dreaming for golden land and golden islands. So, they started entering into far east. Example: – Macau became base for the Portuguese, Canton for Read more

Cold War: North Korea v/s South Korea

Preface From 1910, Korea became a victim of Japanese Imperialism. Korea was also the investment hub for the United States of America and Japanese capitalists. Along with this Korea shared border with the China and Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. Read more

Cold War: North Vietnam v/s South Vietnam

Background History of Vietnam In the 18th century Vietnam was the colony of France. It is a country with vast Buddhist majority and farmer community. In 1946, France re-entered in Vietnam. But France faced resistance from the local organisation Viet-in-Minh. Read more

European Imperialism: Chinese Revolution Preface

Conquest of China From the very ancient time India and China were the big business destinations for the European powers. European powers came into the region of South-East Asia as the trading company. But their real motives for coming were Read more

Chinese Revolution of 1912 and 1949

Rebirth of China Exploitation by the European powers led to awakening in the China. In this the most important event was Young China Movement. May fourth Movement, intellectual revolution and sociopolitical reform movement occurred in China in 1917-1921. These movements were Read more

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