Reign of Firoz Shah Tughlaq

Firoz Shah Tughlaq We have read about Muhammad-Bin-Tughlaq. His reign was very controversial. So, after him, it was obvious that Empire faced many challenges. So, when Firoz Shah Tughlaq came into power Sultanate was in trouble from all the sides. In this condition,¬†Firoz Shah Tughlaq opted for the policy of appeasement. He had the unique […]

Delhi Sultanate: Tughlaq Dynasty (1320-1412 CE)

Tughlaq Dynasty (1320-1412 CE) Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq was the founder of Tughlaq Dynasty. He killed the last ruler of Khalji Dynasty and sat on the throne. So, now will we read about Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq in brief. Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq He also called as Saihshta Khan. He was the Turkish Commander in Alauddin Khalji’s Army. After eliminating Nasiruddin […]

Alauddin Khalji: Policy of Expansion

Reign of Alauddin Khalji Alauddin Khalji was the first Sultan to occupy the large part of this country. His imperialistic approach was pragmatic. Because of which he got extensive success in his expeditions. Military of Alauddin Khalji was very powerful and opted a very well defined plan for the expansion. Conquest and consolidated North-Western Frontier. […]

Delhi Sultanate: Khalji Dynasty (1290-1320)

Khalji Dynasty (1290-1320) After the death of Balban there was not an able ruler of Slave Dynasty. So, in 1290, Firoz (commander-in-chief of Balban) took a bold step by murdering Kaimur. From here he ascended the throne, eliminating Slave Dynasty. Firoz took the title of Jalauddin Khalji. Khalji Dynasty: Jalaluddin Khalji (1290-1296) He was the […]

Slave Dynasty: Era of Razia and Balban

In the previous post we have read about the establishment of Delhi Sultanate by Slave Dynasty. We have read about the two important rulers of Slave Dynasty, Qutubuddin Aibak and Iltutmish. Now, we will continue with it and will read about the later Sultans of Slave Dynasty. Iltutmish wanted her daughter to be the next […]

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