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International Relations

We have discussed Ancient India, Medieval India and Modern India. Now its time to discuss about the International Relations. From today we will start our new category International Relations. In this category we are going to discuss India’s relations with foreign countries.

From the Chandragupta Maurya ie first Chakravartin Samrat to present Prime Minister, Mr. Modi, India followed a simple yet appreciable foreign policy ie Live and Let us Live. So, India is the only country which did not attack any other nation though faced many invasions. India shares the peaceful relationship to almost all countries.

We will discuss India’s role on the global world. So, first, we will start with the all-weather friend of India ie Bhutan. Here, we will discuss India-Bhutan relationship.

India-Bhutan Relationship

India- Bhutan Relationship
India- Bhutan Relationship

Bhutan is an all-weather friend of India. India and Bhutan share an endless list of cooperations. India and Bhutan are special partners. This unique relationship got a boost from Prime Minister Modi’s new mantra of B4B- Bharat for Bhutan and Bhutan for Bharat.

India and Bhutan enjoy a unique and special relationship, which is being forged by the geographical, historical and cultural ties. Therefore, Prime Minister Modi selected Bhutan as the first destination to visit as a Prime Minister. So, relations with Bhutan would be a key foreign policy priority of the government.

India-Bhutan Relationship: Diplomacy- Business

Prime Minister Modi’s first visit to Bhutan opened new horizons in the centuries-old relationship. India and Bhutan share many cooperation agreements. In November 2014, President Pranab Mukherjee also paid a state visit to Bhutan.

India took a pledge to give financial assistance of Nu/Rs 45 Billion (here, Nu is Bhutanese Currency known as Ngultrum) to Bhutan under its 11th Five year Plan and Nu/Rs 5 Billion for the Economic stimulus plan. So even, Bhutan is an ally of India, which is exempted from any ban on export of milk powder, wheat, edible oil, pulses and non-basmati rice from India.

India- Bhutan Relationship: Development Agreements

India and Bhutan are committed to generating 10000 MW of power from their transboundary rivers. So, one of the joint ventures between India and Bhutan is Kholongchu Hydroelectric power plant. The capacity of this powerplant is 600MW.

Recent Meeting of two Friends
Recent Meeting of two Friends

India also pledged to provide assistance of Rs 463.3 Crore to build double-lane Northern West-East lateral highway. Indian Government also doubled the Nehru-Wangchuk and Ambassador’s scholarship to Bhutanese students. Recently, the Indian government also helped Bhutan to build its Supreme Court Building.

Cultural Ties

Indian Government gave assistance to Bhutan in setting up a digital library, which will provide access to Bhutanese youth to 2 Million books and periodicals. Bhutan’s School Assistance Programme got a boost with Rs 348.7 Crore assistance from India. Recently, Bhutan also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the establishment of the Nalanda University.

This was a glimpse of India-Bhutan Relationship. So, in the next coming post, we shall discuss India-Nepal Relationship. Thank you so much. 🙂 Stay Connected. 🙂