Introduction to Oceanography

Oceanography is the science of seas. It is the study of dynamics and thermodynamics of existing water bodies on earth. As we know, there are five oceans on the planet earth, namely the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Arctic Read more

Oceanography: Division of Oceans (Part-1)

In the previous post, we have dealt with the basic terminology related to the Oceanography. In this post, we will divide Oceans on the following basis like, Penetration of Sun Rays, Bioproductivity, Ecological Division and Morphological Division So, let’s start Read more

Oceanography: Divisions of Oceans (Part-2)

In the previous post, we have read regionalisation of the Oceans, on the following basis, Penetration of Sun Rays and Based on Bioproductivity. Now, in this post, we will study the other two classifications, based on, Ecological Division of Oceans Read more

The Salinity of Ocean Water: Features of Oceans

Salinity is the most significant feature of Ocean Water. It helps us to determine the other physical properties like temperature, density, thermal conductivity and compressibility. In the previous post, we have discussed the Regionalization of the Oceans. So, now we Read more

Salinity Distribution: Hemispherical and Latitudinal

Salinity Distribution!!! In the previous post, we have discussed, Salinity and Factors affecting salinity. So, here we will discuss salinity distribution in the following respect, Hemispherical Distribution, Latitudinal Distribution and Salinity distribution along with the depth of the ocean. Salinity Read more