Namami Gange!! The Pristine river Ganges

India is the pristine land with plenty of natural resources. From the mighty Himalayas to the Indian Ocean and From the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal, India’s vertical and horizontal expansion provides the country with a vast biological, Read more

Yamuna River System: From Yamunotri to Prayagraj

In the previous post, we have studied the Ganges River system. So, in the series of Indian Drainage system, this post is dedicated to the Yamuna River System. We have known to the fact that the Yamuna is the largest Read more

Indus River: From Ancient to Present Era

In the last two posts, we have discussed the Ganges River system and the Yamuna River system. In this post, we will understand the Indus River system. It’s political, economic and geographical importance as it is a transboundary river. So, Read more

Brahmaputra River and its Tributaries

In the previous posts, we have studied Ganges River System, Yamuna River System and Indus River System. So, in this post, we will study the one more Himalayan river ie, Brahmaputra River System. Origin and Flow In India, Brahmaputra flows Read more

Brahmaputra: The River of North-East

North-East states are the most scenic and culturally rich region of India. In this post, we will discuss China’s impact on this region and India Government’s steps for the development of the North-East. The river of North-East So, in the Read more