France under Bourbon Dynasty in Seventeenth & Eighteenth Century

We know, In Britain peaceful revolution came which drove away James II and gave the victory to Parliament (Glorious Revolution, 1688). The real fight was won by Parliament in the civil war against Charles I. It took around 450 years Read more

French Society of 18th Century

We are aware of the condition of the France in the 17th and 18th century. There was acute financial and administrative crisis as we have seen in the previous post. Now we will understand somewhat about the structure of the French Read more

French Revolution: Political Deadlock to Estates General

It is said, Revolutions or volcanoes do not break out suddenly without reason or long evolution. We only see the sudden burst and are surprised. But underneath the surface of the earth, many forces play against each other for long Read more

France: Fall of Bastille to New Constitution

The 14th July 1789 saw the fall of Bastille. It is interesting to know that one day before this incident there was a Royal feast at Versailles. King and Queen were celebrating their coming victory over rebellious Paris, which was not Read more

France: Pillnitz Declaration to Reign of Terror

France: Pillnitz Declaration The Monarchs of Europe were aware of the rising of new order in the France which was in the mood to overthrown the old order. The powers of Europe were watching these strange happenings with alarm. Louis XVI was a signatory Read more

Napoleon: Egyptian Expedition and Refroms

Italian expedition turned Napoleon Hero of the France while Egyptian expedition prepared the ground for Napoleon to be the leader of France. Egyptian Expedition Egypt was then part of the Ottoman Turkish Empire. But this empire had declined. Then the Mamelukes Read more