First World War: Rise of Germany

We have seen in our last post how the new ideologies were growing in the world. The west had been facing many revolutions since seventeenth (Glorious Revolution of 1688), eighteenth (American Revolutionary War, 1776; French Revolution, 1789) and nineteenth (The Read more

Kaiser Wilhelm-II and His World Politics

Kaiser Wilhelm-II came out with policy of aggressive imperialism in which his emphasised on Welt Politik i.e. World Politics. Welt Politik of Kaiser Wilhelm-II There were three pillars of this policy. 1. Naval Empowerment Kaiser Wilhelm-II said that the naval Read more

Outburst of the First World War 1914-1918

First World War: Immediate Cause Archduke Francis Ferdinand Episode On the surface, the immediate cause of the First World War was something about Archduke Francis Ferdinand episode. June 28, 1914, was the date on which the spark took place which Read more