IR: India-Bhutan Relationship

International Relations We have discussed Ancient India, Medieval India and Modern India. Now its time to discuss about the International Relations. From today we will start our new category International Relations. In this category we are going to discuss India’s Read more

India-Nepal Relationship: After 1980s

In the previous post, we have discussed India-Nepal Relationship during Nehruvian and post Nehruvian era. Now we will continue our discussion. India-Nepal shares more than 1800kms of border. There are 26 adjacent districts. But the most critical politicised region is Read more

India-Nepal Relationship: Constitutional Differences

In the previous post, we have studied about the relationship of two neighbours, India-Nepal. In this post, we shall carry on our discussion. Now we will understand or read the difference between the Indian and Nepalese Constitution. Actually, there are Read more