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History!!! Whenever we come across the term history, we generally feel very boring and think that we are supposed to read the subject which doesn’t have any relation with our present. But, here we are going to learn from history in order to improvise our present and future. Though theoretically, History is the story of past but if we understand it precisely it is a continuous dialogue between past and present.

We are not makers of History, We are made by history- Martin Luther King, Jr.

History is not the subject to mug up the dates, names of empire, emperor, revolution etc., rather it is subject to understand the circumstances that gave birth to the Great Empires, Emperors, and Four R’s i.e. Renaissance, Revolution, Reformation, Revitalisation.

The content which is going to be written here will surely help you to compare past happenings with what is taking place today, and try to find out a lesson from them. Content here will be helpful for UPSC Aspirants love history and for all those who want to understand the “SCIENCE BEHIND THE ARTS”.

I am Priyanshi Piyush Mantri, graduate in Electronics and Communication from College of Technology and Engineering, Udaipur and currently pursuing Masters in Software Engineering from San Jose State University, California. I love Reading history books, Singing, and Drawing. I am very much thankful to my “Enlightened Mentors” (Mr Awadh Ojha Sir, Mr Neeraj Nachiketa Sir and Mr Alok Ranjan Sir), they helped me to understand each and everything in a very simple manner and the way I have learned this subject; I want you all to have a look at past from a new perspective.

World History
World History