Russian Revolution: November Revolution of 1917

Even after the formation of Provisional Government in Russia, There was no stability or equilibrium anywhere. There was conflict between provisional government and Soviet. The provisional government wanted to please allies by continuing its participation in the war.

Whereas the Soviet wanted to withdraw from the war because most of the masses were craving for the peace and prosperity. This was the deadlock condition in Russia. So, the Lenin, who was in his exile at Germany arrived in Russia.

Arrival of Lenin in Russia
Arrival of Lenin in Russia

Russian Revolution

Russian Revolution: Role of Trotsky

Exactly a month after the arrival of Lenin, Trotsky came in the Petrograd. Trotsky was neither Bolshevik nor Menshevik. But soon, he came into the influence of Lenin. He was a great enthusiastic orator, fine writer and was like the right hand of Lenin. By the support of Trotsky and Lenin, the Bolshevik strength and influence went on increasing in the Petrograd.

Russian Revolution: Role of Provisional Government led by Kerensky

The Menshevik leader Kerensky decided to suppress the rising power of radicals i.e. Bolsheviks. He started a campaign against Lenin. In which, his supporters described Lenin as a German agent sent to increase trouble of Russia.

This was all done to snatch the popularity of the Lenin. Soon, Lenin became unpopular among the masses. Lenin went underground.

Bolshevik Revolution of 1917
Bolshevik Revolution of 1917

Taking advantage of the situation Kerensky issued a warrant against Lenin, describing Lenin as a pro-German traitor. Kerensky arrested the Trotsky.

He also arrested many other Bolsheviks. As the Provisional started suppressing the Bolsheviks, the Bolsheviks raised counter-revolutions. An old general, Kornilov advanced on the Petrograd with an army to crush the revolution. Soon, his army melted away and revolutionary activities remained the same.

Russian Revolution: Role of Lenin

Emergence of Lenin
Emergence of Lenin

Soon, Lenin came back on the surface. This time he came with the full intention of acquiring the power from the provisional government. November 7th, 1917 was fixed for the rising. On November 7th, 1917, Soviet soldiers went and occupied the government buildings. Lenin gave slogan of peace, prosperity and development. Lenin became the head of the new government. Trotsky became the Foreign Minister.

An American journalist, Reed who was present on the occasion of the Lenin’s coronation, has described what the “great Lenin” looked like when he marched to the platform, as

A short, stocky figure with a big head set down on his shoulders, bold and bulging. Little eyes, a snubbish nose, wide, generous mouth and heavy chin. Clean-Shaved now, but already beginning to bristle with the well-known beard of his past and future. Dressed in shabby clothes, his trousers much too long for him. Unimpressive to be idol of the mob. A strange popular leader-a leader purely by virtue of intellect, colourless, humourless, uncompromising and detached, without picturesque idiosyncrasues-but with the power of explaining profound ideas in simple terms, of analysing a concrete situation. And combining with shrewdness the greatness intellectual audacity.

Finally, with the help of Soviet, Lenin forcefully occupied political and administrative structure in Russia. Lenin was a founder of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

Evaluation of Russian Revolution

Russian Revolution and Other Revolutions

In all the previous revolution (American Revolution, French Revolution, Revolutions of the 1830s and 1848 etc.), the conscious class after getting the success tried to keep away the warrior class from achievement.


  1. Thomas Jefferson in his declaration drafting the United States said that all men are equal in the eye of the state. But after America got independence most of the sections like blacks failed to have complete rights in United states. This conflict led to American Civil War.
  2. In 1789, France talked about Liberty, Fraternity and Equality but common people did not get the right to vote. Women struggled for a long time to achieve their rights.

Same was true in the case of Russian Revolution was the first revolution in which the world saw the power in the hands of working class. So, Russian Revolution was a real revolution in the world.

Russian Revolution: Inspiration for Many Countries

For all the people suffering from capitalism and imperialism, Russian Revolution became the inspiration. Karl Marx gave the concept of real liberation. In which he appealed to working class and urged that they should unite and occupy the political power in the nation.

As polity is the guardian of the economy, workers should end the concept of private property. Soon, this would end capitalism, mercantilism and imperialism. Though the Marx gave this formula, but practically Lenin applied this formula in Russian Revolution.

So, this became an inspiration for all suffering people in the world. Example: Bhagat Singh in India, he openly declared that capitalism and imperialism both are my enemies.

Victory of philosophy of Socialism, Communism and Nationalism

Russian Revolution: Victory of Communism
Russian Revolution: Victory of Communism

In the 15th century, capitalism was born and immediate enemy of capitalism was feudalism. The capitalist society instigated the middle class and peasantry class to uproot the feudalism. With the passage of time, middle class and peasantry class understood that not only feudalism but also capitalism is based on the principle of exploitation.

Now, educated middle class and peasantry class stood up against the capitalist class to achieve the goal of socialism and communism. Russian Revolution was the victory of communism. From here the world divided into two ideologies one is capitalism and another is communism. This created panic among entire world. In this scenario who so ever stood up against communism got the support of the capitalist class. In this way, Russian Revolution inspired many countries which were a victim of imperialism and capitalism.

This was all about Russian Revolution.

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