Lord Curzon (1899-1905): Foreign Policy

In the previous post, we have read about the administrative and economic reforms during the period of Lord Curzon. We have seen that all the reforms were having the objective to suppress Nationalistic feeling among people and to appease people.

Here in this post, we shall read the Foreign Policy of Lord Curzon.

Foreign Policy of Lord Curzon

From the Chandragupta Maurya to Narendra Damodar Das Modi, the fundamental principle of India’s Foreign Policy is Live and Let Live. Because,

Foreign Policy From Chnadragupta to Narendra Modi
Foreign Policy From Chandragupta to Narendra Modi
  • Indian sub-continent is surrounded by the areas with the though geographical conditions.
  • India was famous for its products which had a big world market. So, the neighbours of India were the path of the prosperity of India. (Except one born Badtameez neighbour.Β πŸ˜‰ )

But with the beginning of British rule in India, the foreign policy made just opposite to the previous one. Britishers reversed the foreign policy and followed the policy of conquest and aggression.

Victims of Aggressive Foreign Policy

Initial victims were Nepal, Burma, Afghanistan etc. But when the Curzon arrived in India, the enemies of British Empires were active in Asia. So, in this background, Lord Curzon once again adopted aggressive Foreign Policy. His victims were Persia and Tibet.

Victims of Foreign Policy of Curzon
Victims of Foreign Policy of Curzon

Persia gave shelter to the France. Britain and France did not have good relations. Though both were on the same side during the World War-I and World War-II. Whereas Tibet was entertaining Russia. So, Curzon after he failed in diplomatic appeals to the both Persia and Tibet.

Lord Curzon sent the military expedition under the Major Douglas to Persia and Major Young Husband to Tibet. So, all these neighbours were defeated and brought in line. As all the previous reforms. The foreign policy of Lord Curzon was having to distinguish agendas.

Declare and Hidden Agenda
Declare and Hidden Agenda

Declared Agenda

He declared that these steps were to protect India from foreign invasion. Because India has a long history of invasions from Aryans to Afghanis. (Though the Britishers were too foreign invaders πŸ˜›Β )

Hidden Agenda

The real agenda was Curzon wanted to save the British interest in India. He did not want that any other imperialistic power conquers India.

This was the foreign diplomacy of Lord Curzon. In the coming post, we shall read about the Partition of Bengal and its impact on India.

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