Russian Revolution: November Revolution of 1917

Even after the formation of Provisional Government in Russia, There was no stability or equilibrium anywhere. There was conflict between provisional government and Soviet. The provisional government wanted to please allies by continuing its participation in the war. Whereas the Soviet wanted to withdraw from the war because most of the masses were craving for […]

Phases of Russian Revolution 1917

Till, now we have discussed the background and reasons which created the disturbances in the Russia in early 20th century. Now we will read the phases of the Russian Revolution of 1917. Phases of Russian Revolution Phase-I of Russian Revolution: March Revolution of 1917 World War-I started in 1914 and initially, Russian army got success […]

Reasons and Background of Russian Revolution of 1917

The most important incident during the First World War was the out break of Russian Revolution of 1917. Russian Revolution was in itself a tremendous event, unique in world history. Russian Revolution was one of the biggest outcome of the First World War. We have read that the Russia under Tsar Nicholas-II was facing the […]