Russian Revolution: November Revolution of 1917

Even after the formation of Provisional Government in Russia, There was no stability or equilibrium anywhere. There was conflict between provisional government and Soviet. The provisional government wanted to please allies by continuing its participation in the war. Whereas the Read more

The World War-II: Reasons, Outbreak and Results

Till now we have read that NAZI Germany and Fascist Italy opted for the policy of aggression to deal with their internal crisis. Their policy of aggression became an unavoidable problem for the other European powers especially Britain and France. Causes Read more

Cold War: Capitalism v/s Communism

Cold War: Reasons Ideological Differences: Capitalism v/s Communism After Russian Revolution the ideology of communism got impetus in the world politics. Communism and Capitalism have differences in ideology. Capitalism believes in concept of private property while Communism believes in collective Read more

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