Introduction of World History

Hello, Friends! Welcome to the World of “HISTORY”. We will understand the past which is responsible for the creation of our present world. Being an Electronics and Communication Engineer, I know circuitry which we need to Transmit and Receive the signal at the far end. Here is a simple block diagram which will let you know […]

Crusade: The War Between Cresent And Cross “The Holy War”

“CRUSADE: – THE HOLY WAR” Let us have a look at the map, showing the world of the end of the 1st millennium after Christ. Many different ideologies dominated the world in different regions. The conflict between these  ideologies led to the “Crusade: The holy war.” As we can see that the world dominated by […]

Renaissance & The Industrial Revolution

We are going to understand everything about the Industrial Revolution. So let us start our journey from where we have left… 🙂 Out of the turmoil and tension that were spreading all over the Europe at the time of Crusade, rose the fine flower of the Renaissance. It grew in the soil of Italy and took […]