The Rise of Capitalism, Nationalism, Socialism and Imperialism

We know that the nineteenth century saw the many changes in the old order. There was an infant new order which was thriving in the lap of many new emerging ideologies. These new ideologies made the ground for the rise of nationalist ideas among masses. Rise of Capitalism One extraordinary book came out in Britain […]

First World War: Rise of Germany

We have seen in our last post how the new ideologies were growing in the world. The west had been facing many revolutions since seventeenth (Glorious Revolution of 1688), eighteenth (American Revolutionary War, 1776; French Revolution, 1789) and nineteenth (The year of revolutions in Europe 1830s and 1848, American Civil War) century. There was a rise […]

Kaiser Wilhelm-II and His World Politics

Kaiser Wilhelm-II came out with policy of aggressive imperialism in which his emphasised on Welt Politik i.e. World Politics. Welt Politik of Kaiser Wilhelm-II There were three pillars of this policy. 1. Naval Empowerment Kaiser Wilhelm-II said that the naval power would lead this world. So Kaiser Wilhelm-II proclaimed that Germany wanted a place in […]

The Ottoman Empire and Eastern Question

We have read in one of the earlier posts that the Holy Roman Empire was divided into two parts: Western Roman Empire Eastern Roman Empire Eastern Roman Empire to Ottoman Empire Constantinople, Eastern Roman Empire In 326 CE Constantine founded the city of Constantinople, near the seat of old Byzantium. He shifted the capital of […]

Tsarist Russia: Crimean War and Treaty of San-Stefano

European Nations in 18th and 19th Century Tsarist Russia and Ottoman Empire In the last post, we have read that Ottoman Empire started declining at the end of the 19th century. The declining Ottoman Empire was a good opportunity for Russia to dominate the Silk Route. In 1774 by the treaty of Küçük Kaynarca Russia got […]

Berlin Congress of 1878 and Balkan War

The treaty of San-Stefano caused tension for the Britain and other western European Powers. So, the rising tension led to an another event in the world history. It was led by the great leader Bismarck from Germany, British Prime Minister Disraeli, and other delegates from the Austria and Russia. Britain initially asked Tsarist Russia to […]

Outburst of the First World War 1914-1918

First World War: Immediate Cause Archduke Francis Ferdinand Episode On the surface, the immediate cause of the First World War was something about Archduke Francis Ferdinand episode. June 28, 1914, was the date on which the spark took place which culminated in the First World War. Archduke Francis Ferdinand was the crown prince of the […]

Aftermath of First World War-Treaty of Versailles

Aftermath of First World War As we have read in the last post that the Battle of Jutland proved to be the decisive battle. By the middle of 1918, the allied powers (The United States of America, Russia, Britain and France) pushed the Germans back. Though Germans represented extraordinary military power in the First World […]

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