The American Revolutionary War

From our last post, we are aware of the fact that America and India were the colonial possession of the Britain. The colonies provided Raw material for heavy industries. So, the market for the manufactured goods from Britain was the colonies. We also know that Industrial Revolution gave the birth to this Multipolar World. Now […]

Phases of American Revolution and Philadelphia Convention

In the previous post of American Revolution, we have learnt about the circumstances that caused irritation for the American colonies. In 1750s America was well-aware to their causes of exploitation and now they were in dire need to relief their pain. On the other hand, Britain was in the economic crisis because of the 7 years […]

Revolutionary American Civil War

Till now, we have discussed Crusade, Industrial Revolution, America’s colonisation, the American war of independence. Today we are going to read about Revolutionary American Civil War. So, now we are going to understand the circumstances behind this civil war. So let us start from some brief facts. 🙂 The United States of America after Independence American Civil War: […]

Role of Abraham Lincoln in American Civil War

We discussed the causes and phases that led to the American Civil War. Now we will understand how the Great President of America Abraham Lincoln solved this biggest problem after the independence of America. 🙂 Abraham Lincoln’s Regime In 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected as the President of United States, and his election was followed […]

Industrialisation of United States of America

In 1787 United States was born and in 1861 the Civil War took a terrible toll on young men’s lives in America, and it left a heavy burden of debt. But the country was young and full of energy and its growth continued. Because it had tremendous natural resources and was especially rich in minerals. The three […]