Modern India: Conquest of India in 18th Century

In the previous post, we have studied about Aurangzeb, the last ruler of Mughal Empire. Though in the actual sense he was not the last ruler because after him we found so many incapable rulers of Mughal Empire. So, one can say that Aurangzeb was the last capable ruler of Mughal Empire. After Aurangzeb, later […]

Carnatic Wars: French v/s Britishers

In the last post, we have read that Dutch, Portuguese left India for the certain specified reasons. So, the only contenders of Indian Subcontinent were now French and Britishers. Both these European groups were extraordinary that time. So, their fate in Indian Subcontinent was decided by the Carnatic Wars of Southern India. Here, we will […]

Bengal Conquest: Establishment of East India Company

In the previous post, we have read about the Carnatic Wars. Carnatic Wars concluded by the Battle of Wandiwash in 1760. These wars decided the fate of Britishers. They were now the sole authority of Indian Subcontinent. So, from here Britishers started their imperialistic movement in Indian Subcontinent. Their first prey was Bengal. Conquest of […]

Conquest of Bengal: Black Hole Tragedy

In the previous post, we have studied about the Dastak and misuse of Dastak by the officers of East India Company. Now, we know the East India Company had three establishments in India. Bombay Presidency, Madras Presidency and Bengal Presidency. Siraj-ud-Daula Siraj-ud-Daula was young and dynamic. But He was suffering from the disease of impatient, […]

Conquest of Bengal: Battle of Plassey,1757

We have read in the previous post that British East India Company attacked the French establishment. It was an attack on the sovereignty of the authority of Nawab Siraj-ud-Daula. So, the war became a necessary solution for Nawab to get rid of the Britishers. So, at Plassey in 1757, the army of Nawab and British […]

Monghyr Convention and Battle of Buxar

In the last post, we have read that Mir Zafar got exhausted by fulfiling the demands of East India Company. So, when Mir Zafar became useless to East India Company, officials of East India Company replaced Mir Zafar by Mir Qasim. The officials of company was expecting that Mir Qasim will work according to their […]

Robert Clive and Dual Government (1765-1772 CE)

In the previou post, we have discussed that Battle of Plassey laid the foundation of EIC rule in India. Whereas Battle of Buxar gave strenghten to the rule of British East India Company. After the Treaty of Allahabad, British EIC got the diwani of Bihar, Bengal and Odisha. During the same time, North India was […]

First Governor General of Bengal: Warren Hastings

In the last post we have studied that Robert Clive was the mastermind behind the British Imperialism in India. Robert Clive laid the foundation of the British Raj in the Indian Subcontinent. But after the Robert Clive the next coming Governor was Warren Hastings. Warren Hastings gave strength to the foundation. Now, we will discuss […]

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