Ancient Art and Culture: Cave Paintings

As we have discussed that Gupta Period was the watermark period of Art and Culture in Ancient India. This was the Golden age of Indian Architecture. The Temple architecture in North India reached at its climax during Gupta Period. Though the religion of the Gupta Rulers was Brahmanical. But they also patronised the Buddhism and […]

Ancient Art and Culture: Nagara Temple Architecture

In the last post we have read Ancient Cave Paintings. Now we will have a look on the Temple Architecture of Ancient India. As we have read that Gupta Period was the watermark of the Ancient Indian Temple Architecture. The earliest form of temples came into existence during the Mauryan Period as Buddhist Stupas. Soon, […]

Temple Architecture: Dravidian Style in South India

In the last post we have read Nagara Temple Architecture. Nagara Temple Architecture was prevalent in North and Central India. Now in this post, we will discuss South Indian Temple Architecture. We call it as the Dravidian Style of Temple Architecture. The Dravidian Style of Temple Architecture is the oldest style of architecture. This style […]

Vesara and Hoysala Style of Temple Architecture

In the previous posts, we have read Nagara and Dravidian Style of Temple Architecture. In this post, we will study about the Vesara and Hoysala Style of Temple Architecture. Vesara Style of Temple Architecture The Vesara Style is a hybrid temple architecture. It has features of both the Nagara and Dravidian Style of Temple architecture. […]

Shiva as Nataraja: Lord of Dance

We have read about the Chola Empire of 9th to 12th Century CE. It was the age of magnificent temples and extravagant sculpture. The most significant and extraordinary bronze sculpture of this time is Shiva as Natajara. Here we will discuss the significance of the Nataraja, Lord of Dance. Nataraja: Lord of Dance Nataraja, the […]

Makar Sankranti: Harvest Festival !!!

India is a priestine land. The land which provide accommodation to all the religious communities and give them chance to flourish. The geographical location of India provides it with all the kind of seasons. The people of India celebrate all the seasons with charm. Today is Makar Sankranti. It is celebrated as harvest festival in […]