The Age and Administration of Harsha

After the Skandagupta, the successive Gupta rulers did not able to fight with the external Huna invasion. So, the Gupta Empire started declining. When the central power became dilapitated many feudal lords declared their independence from the weak central power. Read more

Southern Kingdom: The Age of Satvahanas

We have read almost all the ancient kingdoms of the North India. Like Haryanka, Shishunagas, Nanda Dynasty, Mauryan Empire, Gupta Empire and Empire of Harsha. As we know that the after the Great Ashoka, there was not a good successor Read more

The Chola Empire: 9th to 12th Century

In the previous post, we have read about Chola, Chera and Pandya Empire of ancient ages. Now, in this post, we will see the re-emergence of Chola Empire. The Cholas of 9th Century CE were the feudatories of Pallavas. As Read more

Philosophical Schools of Ancient India

According to the ancient thinkers all the men after birth strive to attain four goals in their life. These four goals were Dharma (basic principle of living), Artha (economic resources), Kama (physical pleasure) and Moksha (salvation). Actually, in real sense Read more

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