Incredible India!!!

Introduction Incredible India??? This question must arrive in the minds of the people who are unaware of the greatness of the country India. 🙂 Being an Indian I cherish that I have come to know few of the greatness of my country. So, I can make you feel the soul of Incredible India. It is […]

Indus-Valley Civilisation: Bronze Age Civilisation

Introduction Here we are going back to the ages of  2600-1900 BCE, where we will found a fairly good picture of India’s most developed society. This is the age of first urbanisation in India that is Indus-Valley Civilisation. One can also call it as Bronze Age Civilisation. Because in that time period Bronze tools were made […]

Vedic Period: Society, Polity and Economy

One of the reasons for the decline of Indus-Valley Civilisation was that there was an external invasion by certain tribes. Though it is not a proved reason, it is one of many reasons. But it is generally true that any civilisation which has acquired its peak will definitely gonna see its darks ages. It is […]

Rigvedic v/s Later Vedic Era

In the last post, we have discussed Vedic Period and its societal structure. In this post we are going to discuss economic, political and religious structure of Vedic Era. Vedic Era Economy: From Simple Economy to Organised Economy Rigvedic Era Rigvedic Economy was tribal economy i.e. a kind of pastoral economy. This economy was all […]

Rigvedic v/s Later Vedic Period Religion

We have read about Societal, Political and Economic structure of the Vedic Period. We can divide Vedic Period into two parts and this demarcation is done by the Iron Revolution of the 1000 BCE. Because of the Iron Revolution the Rigvedic and Later Vedic Period have a slightly different composition. Now, we will read the […]

Second Urbanisation: 6th Century BCE

Age of Second Urbanisation As we have read that in Later Vedic Period agricultural economy came into existence. So, the change in the economic structure laid the foundation of the Second Urbanisation. Because of the Iron Revolution of 1000 BCE and Paddy cultivation (Rice Plantation in water logged condition), Later Vedic Period had agricultural surplus. […]

Sources of Ancient Indian History: Vedic Literature

Indian Subcontinent, from the very ancient times saw many invasions. So, because of these invasions the most important ancient scriptures of India got destroyed. Though we have only a dilapitated scriptures remaining with us. But any invasion and destruction was not able to harm the soul of the Indian Scripture. So, the soul of all […]

Great Epics: Ramayana and Mahabharata

It is evident that Vedic Literature compiled during the 1500 to 500 BCE. Vedic Literature was the ancient literature of Indian History. The other important literature of ancient India is the Great Epics i.e. Ramayana and Mahabharata. Great Epics Ramayana and Mahabharata are narrative and heroic stories of the then Kingdoms. They also believed to […]

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