Contemporary Issues: Preface of West Asian Region Crisis

The West Asian Nations were the creation of Western powers. And now, these western powers because of their personal interest in this region creating havoc in this region. One should know the importance of this West Asian Region. It is the region of oil reservoirs. And this region is immensely rich in the non-renewable energy resources.

Mineral Resources of West Asian Region
Mineral Resources of West Asian Region

As the world is going through the Industrial Revolution 4.0, so the requirement of crude oil is rising day by day. So, every developing country and developed country is having their eyes on this resource-rich region. So, the major world economies playing their game in this region.

Religion of West Asian Region

This region is the place where the religion Islam was born. It is the birth land of Prophet Mohammad. In the present scenario, the only binding force in West Asian Region is religion. later after the Prophet Mohammad, Islam was divided mainly into two sects.

They are Shia and Sunni. So, the main reason for the stress in this region is the war between these two sects. These two sects are receiving the backing from the two major powers of this region. One is Iran, which is backing Shia, another one is Saudi Arabia, which gives its backing to the Sunni groups.

When the Syrian Crisis outbreak in 2011, an organisation Islamic States of Iraq and Syria came into existence. It is commonly known as ISIS. This organisation is established by the Abu-Bakr-Al-Baghdadi. The organisation is moving on the ideology of Wahabism. Wahabism ideology believes in the purest form of Islam and aspiring to re-establishing Caliphate in the West Asian Region.

Background of the Sects of West Asian Region

Abdul Wahab was an Islamic Scholar of the 18th century. He believed in the Sunni Islam as the pure form of Islam. So, from his name, his ideology is now called as Wahabism. It aims for purification of Islam and establishment of the greater Islamic world in Central and West Asian Region.

West Asian Region Block: Iran v/s Saudi Arabia
West Asian Region Block: Iran V/s

Except for Sunni sect all other Islamic sects like Shia, Kurds, Druze etc. are considered as Kafirs in Wahabism. So, in this scenario, West Asian Region countries got divided into two blocks. Iran and its supporters and Saudi Arabia and its supporters. The solution for this trouble lies in the right of self-determination of people under the supervision of world community and world organisation like United Nations.

In the next coming post, we will discuss the strategical importance of the West Asian region Iran.

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